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Baldur's Gate 2 is a role-playing computer game, the sequel of Baldur's Gate (1998). The game was developed by BioWare and published by Black Isle Studios. It was released in 2000. The game has 95/100 rating at Metacritic and 93.97% at GameRankings.

The game was developed on the basis of fantasy tabletop role-playing game Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. The game is divided into 7 chapters, each of them constitutes a certain logical part of the plot. A player can create a protagonist and choose such things as his class, ability scores, appearance and alignment. In the process of the game, a player can gather a team of 6 members. If the main character dies, a saved-game is loaded or a new game starts. After a player gets the necessary amount of experience points, he or she gains a level. The points can be gained for certain actions like killing enemies or completing certain tasks.

The actions take place in the fantasy world, called Forgotten Realms. The main character is the offspring of Bhaal, the God of Murder, whose dark ancestry baits him. Being held in the laboratory of magician Jon Irenicus together with his sister Imoen and their friends, the main character manages to escape, but Imoen gets arrested for using magic against Irenicus and is held in an asylum, located on an island. However, when the character gets to the island to save his sister, he became a prisoner and discovers that Irenicus has captured the power in the asylum. When the hero manages to escape and save his sister, he finds a trace of Irenicus. On the way to Athkatla, the character gets to the ancient elfin town, where he finds Irenicus. The magician takes the hero to his world, where he will have to start the final fight for his soul.