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Counter-Strike 1.6 is a shooter video game, developed by Valve Corporation in 2000. First, it was released for Microsoft Windows, but later the versions for Xbox, OS X and Linux were presented. It has 89.20% rating at GameRankings and 88/100 at Metacritic.

The players are offered to play the roles of members of counter-terrorist forces or the terrorists, which fight against them. Each level of the game implies two opposing teams, which need to beat each other with the help of either achieving the map's objectives or by killing the members of the opposing team. Every player is able to change his or her weapons and accessories at the start of each round with the help of money, which he or she earns during the previous match. After a round ends, the players, who win, may retain their weapons for the next round while the ones who lose are provided with the default weapons. The money may be awarded not only for winning the match but also for losing it, killing an enemy, saving a hostage, planting a bomb or defusing it.

Counter-Strike 1.6 is a first-person shooter. Depending on the type of the game map, the tasks can be the following: Hostage Rescue, Bomb/Defuse, VIP Assassination. In Hostage Rescue, the counter-terrorists need to save the hostages, taken by terrorists and terrorists, in their turn, need to prevent them from doing that. In Bomb/Defuse, the terrorists need to plant a bomb in a certain place and the counter-terrorists need to prevent it from exploding before the time runs out. VIP Assasination task means that terrorists need to kill a VIP player of the opposing team and counter-terrorists need to save him by taking to the safe place.