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Dota 2 is a multiplayer online video game, a sequel to "Defense of the Ancients" (DotA), the realization of the famous map for Warcraft III. It was developed by Valve Corporation and released in 2013 for Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux.

Dota 2 is set in a 3D graphical environment. The gameplay involves two teams of five players, The Radiant and The Dire. Each team occupies a stronghold, called "Ancient", on the opposite sides of the river. The main objective of the members of both teams is to destroy the Ancient of the opponents. Each base has a fountain, which helps the heroes to recover and improve health and magic points. The strongholds of the opposing teams are connected by three paths, guarded by defensive towers and creeps. Creeps are computer-controlled creatures, which serve either to the Radiant or to the Dire. However, there are also neutral creeps, which are enemies of the both teams.

Every player has a possibility to control one of 111 characters with unique powers, called Heroes. At the beginning of the game, each hero has an experience level of one. As they proceed in the game, they become more powerful by gathering points during battles. The combat style of each hero is determined by one of three attributes: strength, agility or intelligence. Besides fighting against the enemies, a player also needs to gather gold, items, which can provide him or her with additional energy or abilities, and experience points. Each player receives a certain amount of gold from his or her base and earns money by killing the enemy creatures and heroes. If a hero wins a level, a player can get some new abilities for him or improve the statistics.