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Mass Effect posters


Mass Effect is a role-playing shooter video game, developed by BioWare and published by Microsoft Game Studios in 2007. The actions of the game take place in 2183. Mass effect is a technology, which allows to travel faster than light. This technology helped humans to get in touch with the extraterrestrial civilizations. A player assumes the role of soldier Commander Shepard, a member of Spectre corps of the Citadel Council. Together with his companions, Shepard travels through the Galaxy on a starship and faces a real menace for the Galaxy: the ancient civilization of Reapers.

Mass Effect is a sci-fi third person game. A player controls the character directly and is able to choose two companions for each of his tasks. The game has five kinds of weapons: pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles and grenades. While fighting with the enemies, a character may also use tech skills and biotics. Tech abilities help to destroy enemy shields, sabotage their weaponry and hack robotic enemies to fire on their own squad. Biotics allow a character to hurl enemies around with the mind, raise shields resistant to enemy fire and make enemies and some objects swirl about. During the battle, a player can enter the tactic menu and change the weapons or determine what skill must be used. Each skill has its charge scale and a player may use several skills at the same time.

A player is able to choose a class for his character from six possible classes: Soldier (a combat specialist, who is very skilled with any kind of weaponry), Engineer (has great tech abilities), Adept (knows how to use biotic powers), Infiltrator (a combination of Soldier and Engineer), Sentinel (a combination of Engineer and Adept) and Vanguard (a combination of Soldier and Adept). After the completion of the mission on Luna, a player receives a chance to change the class of his or her character.